Nothing is impossible..

Pick a star on the dark horizon
and follow the light.

Dating this guy.
The letter || Chris
  • Chris: Ashley was smiling, so that had to be good at least... but that was just it: with Ashley, you never knew for sure. Or at least he didn't know for sure. "Okay..." he said, walking inside, following her lead. "Okay." Was all he could say again when she said that she needed to show him something. Somehow, though, he wished that Ashley gave him more to work with, because now he just didn't know what to mentally prepare him for. Sitting down seemed to be the best option, no matter what was going to be happening, so he just sat down, wordlessly. But when she slid a letter to him, he looked at it for a moment. "Wait, do you know what's in this?" he asked.
  • Ashley: Pulling up her leg on the couch so she could face him she shook her head. "It's not opened. I thought that was something you want to do so I didn't." Of course she could have opened it herself and make herself stress less about it, but it was something Chris probably wanted to do himself so that's something she had to respect and she did. Taking the bottle of water she opened it and took a sip from it. "It came in this afternoon with a lot of other letters. I only took a look at it before I texted you. It's something I didn't want to keep till the morning.."

The letter || Chris
  • Chris: In a way it had been easier for Chris to do something like making his way here - he was the one on the move, so he didn't really need to think about things at the moment. The wait was probably a lot longer for Ashley at the moment, but that didn't mean that the outcome was going to be any different, or any easier. He was nervous too, because Ashley had been so vague in her message. This could be about everything. "Hey..." he responded, remaining in the doorway as she opened the door, looking at him. "What's up?" he asked, carefully.
  • Ashley: Looking at Chris made her smile for a second, just to see him. "Come inside and I will show you." Maybe it had sounded a bit more like the moment he came inside she would jump him, as she softly laughed she shook her head. "It's not.. you know. I need to really show you something." The moment Chris came inside, she closed the door behind him as she followed the guy inside. Walking into the kitchen she grabbed a small bottle of water for herself and a beer for Chris. It just felt a little bit awkward because she didn't know how to act with this letter. "I don't know if you want to sit down for this or keep standing but.." Placing the drinks down on the table, Ashley hold out the letter and handed it over towards him. She didn't know if he wanted to read it on is own or together. But that was up to him right now. Sitting down on the couch she couldn't keep her eyes of him.

The letter || Chris
  • Chris: Ashley had kind of wanted a lot from Chris, and it had been in his own best interest to kind of do something like... well, thinking about his own feelings and his own intentions, because he could bend himself backwards to make Ashley happy, but what if it turned out that he wasn't the father? How did he have to handle all of that then? As much as he liked to play the joker in everything, he did have emotions and feelings, and he needed to take those into account too. It wasn't just about pleasing others. So, yes, there were answers that they needed. Answers about the paternity of Ashley's baby. But it were questions that she needed to kind of figure out herself, and deliver the answers to Chris. It wasn't right for Ashley to keep it from him, and yet expect him to be there. But it was something that she seemed to understand by now... Thankfully. It was pretty late when Ashley texted him, though, asking him if he could come over, and he wondered why. Was this a booty call, or was it something important? He sighed a bit to himself, nearly dragging to go. But then it seemed to be rude to say no. So he texted her back, saying okay.
  • Ashley: Walking around the house while she waited for Chris to arrive she kept passing by the letter all the time. She just needed to know how this was going to change everything. Even if she didn't want to do the DNA tests this quick, she had to do it. For Chris. Kicking off her heels, because the sound they made when she was walking around made her even more nervous, she was about to take off the dress she was wearing. Better not because if Chris would arrive any moment she wouldn't be wearing that much, not that he hadn't seen it but it also meant getting upstairs to put something else on. Checking her mobile for a fourth time she checked if Chris texted something but he didn't after his okay that he was coming. Sitting on the couch she tried to focus on a movie that just started. About ten minutes passed by from that point until she heard a knock. Jumping up from the couch, she quickly made her way over to the door, almost tripping over the heels she had kicked off earlier. Waiting a few seconds with opening the door, until she was sure her breathing was normal she opened the door. "Hey.."

Text | Ashley
  • Heather: Trust me, I'm going to book us up all day for massages and facials and sauna time.
  • Ashley: Can't wait!

Text | Ashley
  • Heather: Great! I'll make reservations then!
  • Ashley: I want lots of massages, a sauna and a hot tub. But I guess I'm not the only one... :D

Text | Ashley
  • Heather: Says who?!
  • Heather: Oh yeah, well we can ask if he's okay with that. Him and Dean and Lea can go do something together?
  • Ashley: I do.
  • Ashley: For sure they could do something nice. Dean is like all over Lea all the time but it's cute.
  • Ashley: He just said yes to it.

Text | Ashley
  • Heather: Don't come on Heather me!
  • Heather: Even if I have to bribe Michael to babysit it will happen.
  • Ashley: I'm allowed to do such things.
  • Ashley: Otherwise you could always ask him because I'm pretty sure he has to take a day off for it.

Text | Ashley
  • Heather: You think so? I don't know haha
  • Heather: Way too long. A girls day is exactly what I need.
  • Ashley: Oh come on Heather!
  • Ashley: Same here. We just need to do this.

Text | Ashley
  • Heather: Ha ha ha, hilarious.
  • Heather: I can't wait to get a deep tissue massage. I could definitely use one!
  • Ashley: Oh come on. I've seen how the two of you look at each other. It's cute.
  • Ashley: Same here! Damn it has been a long time.

Text | Ashley
  • Heather: Ohhh really? Is he hot? ;)
  • Heather: Kidding!
  • Heather: Let me know what you come up with and I'll make is reservations at the spa.
  • Ashley: You and my brother would be a nice couple though.
  • Ashley: My turn to say this: Kidding!
  • Ashley: No but Shane is dating a really nice girl.
  • Ashley: Okay! Will do.